26 thoughts on “How to rewind (STIHL) FSA57 string trimmer with auto cut C3-2”

  1. Great video. Straight to the point with no nonsense. I took out that stupid white retainer and it worked fine. I guess that is for the auto loaded spool, but it sure made the whole process harder than it needed to be!

  2. Ohhhh THANKYOU !!! Another female here, LOL and wouldn't have worked that out unless seeing it !!! I did it step by step as you were doing it …Gee they don't make those winders wide enough for fingers to turn while pushing in at the same time , do they ? But all done now and SO MUCH EASIER than my last trimmer , not Stihl, which was a monster to refill the line. Thanks again !!!

  3. I must have an older model of the Stihl FSA57 because I do not have the autocut spindle as shown in your video. I am having fits with the string jamming, after 3 feet or less of cutting, and I have to take it apart, restring and try again. It worked like a charm the first two years, now, not at all!

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