How to set up and use the Worx Landroid Multi Zone Setting

Need help understanding or setting up the Worx Landroid Multi-Zone setting? This video walks you through the set up and programming of the Worx Landroid for multi-zone use.

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32 thoughts on “How to set up and use the Worx Landroid Multi Zone Setting”

  1. Thnx Mike, I understand that the grass wiil be cut where the robot passes between the two areas. But the grass between the 2 wires which separate Area A & B will not be cut or ? Can I send you an E-mail with an image in order to clarify my question?

  2. Thanks Mike for the clear explanation.
    Nevertheless I have a question: I will install my Worx Landroid soon and will also separate 2 areas. I understand that the robot cuts the grass where he passes the areas but I wonder how he cuts the grass between the wires which separate the 2 areas ( width 6 inches) from each other as the Landroid stays at the outside of the wire (I hope my question is clear) ? Greetz from Belgium

  3. Would I be able to use the smaller model for 1/8 an acre then and have it work the back yard (zone 1) during the day and then charge and work on the smaller front yard (zone 2) later at night so it's not as easily seen from drivers? Or would I still need to get the larger model to handle the size of my yard which is closer to 1/4 of an acre?

  4. bonjour , je possède le kress kr100 nano ,il utilise le même principe que Landroid et j'ai du mal avec les zones , j'ai regarder et traduit votre vidéo mais compliqué !! sur votre vidéo la première zone commence à partir de ou ? car vous avez marquez la zone 1 a quelque mètre du socle de recharge ! je comprend pas trop le fonctionnement ! merci de m'aider !

  5. That droid needs a bath! I am thinking a new paint job for mine.
    I can’t see my wr143 killing a rabbit. 🤣😂 The wet grass at night is the only reason night cutting does not work.

  6. Thanks Mike for doing this. If you set the second zone to 0% would the mower not go their? I am thinking of buying one and have a sidewalk area that I want to do at night to avoid people. Good work!

  7. Does the robot still Cut the grass when travelling between zones? I have several meters in between two zones where the travel area is covered by grass? My travel area is around 60 cm wide.

  8. Brilliant video post. Thank you. Setting this up for my father in-law. Was reassuring to see you walk through the steps. Thanks for taking the time and effort to do that, and include the app view at the same time. All the best from Central Scotland.

  9. I have a similar garden to your zone test layout and the landroid successfully finds it's way into the correct zone to start its mowing. However it does wander out of the zone if it randomly happens to move through the gap. I guess I made it too wide. What I do now is move a plant pot into the gap for a hour or two to ensure it says where I want it.

  10. How will robot return to base – will it still walk on wire along all zones or you can somehow set so it skips some zone and find shortest path home?
    And isn't there issues around perimeter from robot wheels?

  11. Thanks for the video's on this product. I just installed it. Fall is still soft so the grass is still growing. The wet pete soil makes the grass grow fast untill the day temperature drops below 10 degrees Celsius. I have it set up as 1 zone of 500m2 on the m700. I hope it's sufficient. We got a good dry week coming so hopefully I can test it before putting it away for winter brake.

    If anyone as experience with the mowers on pete soil tips and tricks are welcome.

  12. Hi Mike, what if zone 2 is behind and not after like in your example? In your example it drives tru zone 1 then zone 2 starts and you hit the button. In my case it leaves the station in zone 1 and halfway the wire guids it to another patch and then the wire brings the mower back to the main patch which is zone 1. Is it possbole to set this 'seperate zone in the midle' as zone 2 and is the main field then still zone 1?

  13. Thanks, very usefull. I still have a question. When the 2 zones are divided by a gate, can I program the zones in a way that zone1 is mown automatically and that I can direct the mowner to zone2 by hand (when I am home and can open the gate). Is it possible?

  14. Why don't these use the GPS built into them to be more smart? And is it measuring a signal along the wire to determine where it is on that wire or is it measuring distance travelled via revolutions of the back wheel?

  15. Hi Mike, I am from EU, Romania and I just bought a WR142E. Unfortunately I am not sure how to install wires for my 3 lawn areas having between them walking alleys. These 3 lawns are shaped as |_|

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