How to sharpen lawn mower blades THE CORRECT WAY ( Angle grinders will destroy your mower blades)

This video will show you the correct way to sharpen your mower blades. Using angle grinders will take off too much material and destroy your blades. Hand files are very easy to use. Don’t forget to balance your blades! Thanks for watching.

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41 thoughts on “How to sharpen lawn mower blades THE CORRECT WAY ( Angle grinders will destroy your mower blades)”

  1. When using an angle grinder you do not use a grinding wheel you use a polishing/finishing/flapper wheel some may call it a sandpaper wheel,,, that doesn't remove much cause you are not putting hardly any pressure on the material you are smoothing out,,,what you say is not wrong for most but a few folks are fabricators and welders,,,, and the balance is spot on 💯

  2. OMG! Please use PPE while walking, talking, eating, and taking a shower!
    Put the angle grinder down! Please!😳
    🤔Just let the grass grow to insure the seeding for the next generation of healthy unmolested grass.🙄

  3. Don't use a grinder he says…then "sharpens" a blade that is fine. By the time a sharpen mine, there is already a dished or waved section on the blade from wear…no file is going to touch that.

  4. Ummmm. I used a bench grinder to sharpen my blades for years. Now I use a file with the blade held in a vise. I free hand it and get a good edge.

    In my view, the real trick of sharpening mower blades is NOT getting some precise angle.

    The trick is doing it OFTEN, since blades get dull pretty rapidly, even if you avoid running them into rocks and concrete.

    So my secret is to have the tools needed to take the blade off the mower handy, so that it can be removed and then reinstalled easily. Since I'm doing that every several times I mow, using a file to put an edge on the blade again is a matter of just a few minutes.

    Cost for using this method:


  5. Great Video. Thanks for sharing your Knowledge. I'm a retired Pro Musician and I guess I'm a bit embarrassed to say my Wife knows way more than I do about anything to do with house repairs and upgrades. I'm kind of ok at pushing the Lawnmower. LoL. So I'm looking forward to learning as much from you as possible. Stay safe. 😎

  6. People that don't know how to properly use one will destroy a mower blade with an angle grinder. Angle grinders don't destroy mower blades, people do. I'll give up my angle grinder when they pry it from my cold dead hands.

  7. I always use a angle grinder to sharpen lawnmower blades. The trick is not being a IDIOT and burning the blade edges blue. Dip the blades in water before they get too hot.

  8. I used to use a file to sharpen my mower blades and then I discovered Emory cloth flap wheels for my angle grinder. A regular grinding disc will greatly shorten the life of a mower blade, but the flap wheels will not. I have been sharpening the same blades on my mower for 14 years with the flap wheels. You should try it.

  9. Angle grinders work great on mower blades. The assumption here is that the person using an angle grinder doesn't know what they are doing in which case anything you use will destroy your blades. There are excellent tutorials out there if in doubt. I get excellent results with my angle grinder.

  10. I think he is correct. How homeowner should not be using their harbor freight grinder to sharpen their blades.
    I have a commercial mowing business and use a 5” grinder to sharpen my blades.
    I have been doing it for 30 years. But there again I am also a welder fabricator in my other business. Lol. Grass only grown for 5 months in Maine.
    Stay safe and work within your skill set.

  11. I use a flap wheel on my battery powered angle grinder with light pressure works very well. BUT I learned to use the Japanese sharpening trick on mower blades. after sharpening the blade angle and very lightly the back side of the blade, I put a flat edge on the cutting edge of the sharpened blade. maybe a 16th of an inch. This does two things. The grass will bend over the blade edge and still cut clean. The flat edge versus a sharp edge resists being ruined by yard debris. For rock hits that put a dip in my blades I use a MIG welder to add material back to the blade. Yeah I know that's not for everyone. Just some tips. I am using a 6 foot finish mower behind a utility tractor so I have three 2 foot blades to sharpen. The mower deck probably weighs 5 to 6 hundred pounds so I use an engine hoist on the back of the mower deck to get it "safely" high enough to take the blades off for sharpening. also do not put any angle on the back of your blades. Its ok to dress the back of the blade but keep them flat.

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