Husqvarna 115H Automower 2 Month Review (WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!) Worth buying?

Robot Lawn Mower Review (2 Months Later) WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW! – Husqvarna Automower 115H
I give my review on the results, problems and challenges I’ve had over the last 2 months with my Robot Lawn Mowers from Husqvarna. I purchased the Husqvarna Robotic Lawnmower Automower 115H with cellular connectivity. I actually purchased 2 automatic lawn mowers to cover the full .8 acres of my yard.
In this video tutorial I discuss, the pros, cons to using a robomower and challenges with installing the boundary wire and guide wire so the robot could find its way around my yard, stay within the boundaries and find its way back to the charging station to charge up for great lawn care.
I didn’t want to mow my yard or pay a landscape company to do it but I wanted to free up my time.

The automower features a pin code required to access the robot and a loud alarm if tampered with. The automower is very quiet, allowing for operation at night without disturbing you or your neighbors and can even continue cutting the grass in the rain.

Husqvarna Automower 115H:
Automower 315X:
Automower 430X:
Replacement Blades:
Install Kit (Large):
Robot Lawn Mowers amd Dog Fence Wire Break Repair Kit:

► 0:02 Introduction and Why I Installed Automowers
► 0:49 Why I chose the Husquvarna 115H Automowers
► 3:52 Setting Up My Mower, Boundary Wire Installation Problems, Challenges
► 5:21 Boundary Wire Breaks Cause The Mower To Stop Working
► 6:13 Why Boundary Wire Didn’t Work Around Our Swingset and Trees
► 8:00 Challenges With Laying Boundary Wire Around My Firepit
► 9:57 Do You Still Need To Trim With A Trimmer?
► 10:39 Dips, Potholes, Bumps, Hills – What the does automower do?
► 12:51 Importance of Location Of The Charging Station Placement
► 14:57 What Happens When You Don’t Lay Enough Guide Wire?
► 18:03 Lawn Results – How does my lawn look after using the automowers?
► 18:49 How often do the automowers cut? How does it cut in the rain?
► 19:36 How does the automower handle branches, twigs, sticks?
► 20:06 Connection errors using the automowers by bluetooth and cellular 4G
► 22:22 Would I buy another automower?
► 22:56 Conclusion and What You NEED To Watch Next!


🔴 How To Install Husqvarna Robotic Lawnmower Automower 115H (Full Setup & Review)

🔴 Husqvarna Automower [How To Find Cable Wire Break] No Loop Signal Flashing Blue Light Help!


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13 thoughts on “Husqvarna 115H Automower 2 Month Review (WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!) Worth buying?”

  1. Thanks for watching! What do you think of the Husqvarna Automower 115H? Would you get a robot lawn mower? Let me know in the comments!


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    Husqvarna Automower 115H:

    Automower 315X:

    Automower 430X:

    Replacement Blades:

    Install Kit (Large):

    KOLSOL F02 Underground Cable Locator, Wire Tracer:

    Robot Lawn Mowers amd Dog Fence Wire Break Repair Kit:

    Wire Connectors for Robotic Lawn Mowers:

  2. How do you run a boundary around something in the center of your yard? Do you have to interrupt the perimeter of your yard and run a double strand of the wire to whatever you're creating a boundary around? That seems like it would create a big wall right down the center of your yard that the mower couldn't go through

  3. Good video. You hit all the key points on owning an automower of any type. I love mine, but I had some issues with the app, but they have been addressed with the latest updates. One thing to remember is that the cutting height is NOT in inches! In fact, I hate that they do not mention the units at all! I found out that ALL measurements are in cm. BTW, I got mine named Bigfoot 🙂

  4. If you don't care so much about having no grass along the edge of your house/etc. They do sell grass killer that works like magic and you'll never have to trim again.

  5. Hi Jeff – enjoyed your videos on the Husqvarna robotic lawn movers. Thinking about buying one myself since the price has dropped significantly. Do I have to install the boundary wires if my yard is already enclosed with fences?

  6. Hey, couldn't you jsut use a lawn edger to bury the wire? I have a Ryobi electric lawn edger 40 volt. I cold easily did a trench aroudnt he yard with that and then just fill in with sand or potting soil over the wire.

  7. Excellent video answered a lot of the questions I had. I think some other models use the boundary wire to get back home so maybe that's a better solution vs a guide wire. Also it's strange that the mower base doesn't create its own network to communicate with the mower and then have a connection from itself to WiFi. The mower base is likely to be close to the home/garage and near a WiFi connection. Think I will hold off a few years until the tech matures a little more. Robot mowers have a great future though.

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