Husqvarna 415X Automower Update

In our first video about the 415X we mentioned that the maximum cutting height on these mowers currently available in Europe is 2 inches. This is 1/2″ shorter than the the max cutting height on the 310, 315, 315X, 430X, and 450X models currently available in North America, but we were told that there were plans to modify the cutting system on the 415X mowers that would be available for North America so that they would also have a max cutting height of 2.5 inches. We’ve now been told that the changes were NOT made to the 415X mowers that will be arriving here in North America in 2022 and that they will have a 2 inch max cutting height like the 415X’s in the European markets. This means that the 415X will not be a good option for certain parts of the United States because it’s low cutting height. Places like Florida and Texas where the heat and sun light can easily burn up the grass if it is cut too short are definitely not a good place for a mower with that low of a cutting height.

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  1. I have a 415x automower, when the software was updated in June, hysqverna added the peripheral cable in orange to the satellite view and the cable guide in blue. since this update zone 1 has been disconnected. The technician intervened and assumed that it was my fault, it can happen but he reprogrammed zone 1 and the machine started mowing zones 1 and 2 again but on the satellite view the guide cable, in blue, is remained cut between the 2 zones even if everything was working normally again, the technician concluded that there was a bug in the update. I explained everything, by email, to Husqvarna's customer service, which referred me to my supplier, so to the person who intervened, I still paid €120 for the intervention!! I think that rather than a mishandling on my part it is rather the consequence of the bug. Do you know this problem? Has anyone else encountered this software issue? 😒

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