Husqvarna 430XH Automower Mowing A Lawn In Virginia (430X Automower)

This is a Husqvarna 430XH Automower that we recently installed for a landscaper in the Great Falls, VA area. This 430XH Automower will mow the front and side lawn at this property. The back lawn is fenced in and although the 430XH Automower could be installed and set up to go through an existing gate in the fence or through a smaller opening made specifically for the Automower, it made more sense to add a second mower (315X) inside the fenced in area due to the complexity of the mowing area inside of the back fence. With this set up the homeowner now has piece and quiet while the lawn is mowed and this cuts down on the visits from the landscaper to the property while providing great service to the customer. The 430XH is the high cut version of the 430X model of Husqvarna Automower. The 430X model arrived here in North America in 2016 and is still a current model. The 430XH became available in North America in 2019. Both of these models are very popular because they offer a great combination of affordable price, lawn coverage, and performance. The next model up from the 430X/430XH would be the 450X/450XH. The model below the 430X/430XH would be the 315X or the new 415X which is slowly replacing the 315X in the Husqvarna robotic mower line up.

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Did you know that Automowers, or “Husqvarna robot mowers” as some people call them, have actually been in use since the mid 90’s? See the evolution of models and features of Automowers from the worldwide leader in robotic lawn mowers here:

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