Husqvarna 435X & 535 AWD Automower Battery Replacement

In this video we show where the battery is located on a 435X (and 535 AWD) Husqvarna Automower. We also give you some tips on how to remove or replace the battery in a 435X or 535 AWD Automower that can save you some extra trouble. The 435X and 535 AWD Automower are fairly easy to remove the battery from because the battery is located on the bottom of the mower’s chassis and it has an easily removable cover over it. To remove the battery cover from the chassis of a Husqvarna 435X or 535 AWD you will need a T20 torx bit screwdriver. But before removing the screws make sure that the area around the 435X or 535 AWD battery cover is clean to prevent dirt and moisture from getting into the mower and causing damage.

Husqvarna 435X 353AWD Automower

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