Husqvarna 435X All-Wheel Drive Automower In Action

This Husqvarna 435X Automower was installed to take over the mowing around this retention pond. The 435X is an all wheel drive robotic lawn mower that can articulate so this makes it a great option to use for mowing this area compared to a zero turn mower. Aside from the obvious steep slopes leading down to the retention pond that can be even more hazardous when they are wet, the flat area around the retention pond can lay wet and cause zero turn mowers to spin or even sink. As you can see in this video the @Husqvarna 435X Automower can easily slither its way up and down these steep slopes and across the wet laying areas because of its all-wheel drive traction and because it is MUCH lighter than a commercial zero turn mower. Speaking of slithering, another issue with mowing areas like this is the wildlife that inhibit areas like this. There are a lot of species of bugs that thrive in these areas that could sting, bite, or just be a constant nuisance to the operator of a zero turn mower. And in this specific retention pond area we know that there are snakes living in there which can cause a potential danger to people working around this area depending on the type of snake.

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Husqvarna 435X Automower
Husqvarna 535AWD Automower

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Did you know that Automowers, or “Husqvarna robot mowers” as some people call them, have actually been in use since the mid 90’s? See the evolution of models and features of Automowers from the worldwide leader in robotic lawn mowers here:

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