Husqvarna 550 EPOS – GPS Guided Robot Mower

I have had this demo husqvarna automower 550 EPOS for about a month now and it’s awesome!
If you are near Wichita, KS – holler at Kolby if you are thinking about getting an automower!
Kolby is also active in the Pro Turf Talks Discord chat!

If you are somewhere else, look for your local AutMow dealer! –

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26 thoughts on “Husqvarna 550 EPOS – GPS Guided Robot Mower”

  1. Hi a guy from @BudgetLawns channel said I should come and talk to you about your robot mowers. I’m looking for something that is reliable and will keep up our bermuda grass lawn reliably for several weeks at a time when we are gone. Have you found these mowers to do well enough to keep up the grass unattended for long spans of time?

  2. I am really curious about how the EPOS mower has performed. I've got about 0.6 acres of multiple sectioned lawns that I'd like to get a robot mower for. But it has a few spots where it can get a little on the steep side, I'd have to go see what the steepest spot actually is.
    If I remember correctly you mentioned you are in AR in your first impressions video, same here! It would be fabulous if the EPOS automower was able to handle the terrain and not get messed up with all of the trees in the area.

  3. What im curious about is the mapping. Does it mow in a back and forth pattern thats repeatable, and if it goes and charges half way it starts right back at where it left off, or is it random and some is not cut?

  4. Im curious how the Automower’s cut quality compares to your reel mowers? Do the little razor blades slice through the grass blades cleanly? How often have you had to change the blades to maintain the cut quality?

  5. seems like the EPOS doesn't require the same install kit with the wires that the residential units require. So install of the professional units might be easier and also the cost would be less. $2750 vs $2100 for the 430X with install kit vs 520 EPOS

  6. I'll have some feedback in the next couple of weeks. My first EPOS mower will be getting installed by early June. Kolby is remotely assisting as needed. My setup involving mowing on all sides of a house plus some tree lines on the north and east. We are planning several different locations for the GPS station, and last resort is on the peak of the roof, which is some 30-40 feet in the air.

  7. With the reference point gps on the roof of the building, how close to the house can the mower get before the signal is blocked by the house?

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