Husqvarna Automower Battery Will Not Charge (450X, 450XH, 550, 550H Charging Plate Wiring Issue)

If you notice that your 450X, 450XH, 550, or 550H Husqvarna Automower does not seem to be charging when it is in the charging station then you will want to check out the connection between the mower’s charging plate assembly and the Automower’s inner wiring harness. This connection is found inside the mower’s chassis and can be accessed by removing the grommet on the bottom of the mower and pulling the plug out through the hole in the chassis to examine it. As you can see in our video, if you notice a blister or lump on the side pf the connector then this is a definite indication that the wires inside the connector got hot and this melted connection is why your mower’s batteries are not charging. If there are no obvious signs of the connector being melted on the outside, then try unplugging the connector. If you can not easily unplug the connector then this is a sign that the wires inside of the connector got hot at one point and began to distort the connector. This is an issue that should be addressed immediately because the shorted wires can cause damage to other components such as the main board, batteries, or charging station. To properly repair this issue you will need to replace the charging plate assembly in the nose of the mower and the charging cable inside the mower’s chassis that connects to the main board.

Charging Plate Assembly:

Inner Charging Harness:

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