Husqvarna Automower Cutting Motor & Height Adjustment System Remove And Replace (400/500 Series)

In this video we show you the whole process (minus splitting the chassis open) for removing the cutting motor and height adjustment assembly on a 430X, 430XH, 450X, 450XH, 520, 520H, 550, 550H, 550 EPOS, & 550H EPOS Automower. Most of this process is pretty straight forward and can be done without a trip to the dealer. The one part of this style cutting system that we have seen people struggle with is the cutting height adjustment system. This can easily be reassembled in a way that will cause the adjusting components to bind up and give an error message when the mower tries to calibrate the cutting height or as soon as you try to raise or lower the cutting disc. What causes these issues for most people is the spring pressure on the adjusting screw assembly. If the adjustment assembly is not seated down evenly and correctly against the lower chassis, then you can expect to have issues when the cutting disc is raised or lowered. Husqvarna recommends replacing the bellows (accordion style rubber boot) for the cutting system every 3 years to ensure a good proper seal around the cutting system. If you mower works in wet conditions regularly through the mowing season, then you will want to pay close attention to the cutting system bearing assembly and replace it if you hear any “growling” from the bearings.

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