Husqvarna Automower Front Loop Sensor Replacement (What is it & Where is it?)

The front loop sensor is a circuit board at the front of the Automower that detects the signal coming from the boundary wire, guide wire, and charging station. This is the sensor that helps the Automower navigate through a narrow corridor by sensing how close together the boundary wires are to one another. If the front loop sensor fails or does not pick up the signal as clearly as it should, the mower will give a no loop signal error. The front loop sensor can also cause a no loop error if it is too far away from the boundary wire. This can happen when an Automower gets to the center of a large open area and can no longer pick up the signal from the boundary wire, or if your boundary wire is buried deeper than recommended, and in a few other instances that we’ve seen over the years.

New loop sensor board can be purchased here:

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