Husqvarna Automower one year of ownership review

I got this Husqvarna Automower last spring and it has been an absolutely wonderful purchase! I literally don’t do anything and it keeps my backyard taken care of. The installation took a few hours, it involved putting down all the cabling and installing the base station, but after that, the mower does its own thing and you don’t have to worry about it. The only maintenance I’ve performed is I have changed the blades.

If you’re interested in purchasing a robot lawn mower, please use my Amazon link it doesn’t cost anything for you and it will go to support the channel! this link is for the upgraded model 315. the 310 doesn’t seem to be on sale this year but the 315 is very similar just an upgraded model.

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  1. I should have put these in the video didn't think about it…
    Here's my statistics for the last year.
    Total runtime: 611 hours
    Distance traveled: 769 km
    Battery cycles: 463
    Charging time: 370 hours

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