Husqvarna Automower Rope Seal (Chassis Seal) Installation

The best way to help ensure a long life from your Husqvarna Automower is to keep any moisture out of the chassis where all of the circuit boards are located. The rope style seal used in the channel of the lower chassis helps to ensure that dirt and moisture do not enter the chassis at this seem between the upper and lower chassis. The seal is round and made of a foam type of material. When the 2 chassis halves are fastened together the seal is “squished” and flattens out to tightly fill the channel it is laid in. Because it flattens out when the 2 halves are fastened together, it is NOT a good idea to reuse the seal because the seal is already smashed and will not properly reseal if reused. On the 430X, 430XH, 450X, 450XH, 520, 520H, 550, 550H mowers there is one seal to between the 2 chassis halves and a smaller rope seal in the upper chassis under the control panel. When splitting open a 115H, 310, 315, or 315X there are 2 rope seals that need to be replaced. One seal between the 2 chassis halves much like on the 400 and 500 series mowers, and another around the Automower’s height adjustment mechanism. Husqvarna recommends replacing the rope seal on your Automower every 2 -3 years.

115H chassis rope seal kit:

400/500 (Non AWD) series chassis seal:

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