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Husqvarna EPOS (Exact Positioning Operating System) is a breakthrough technology for professional Automower® robotic lawn mower models. The satellite-based technology enables the mowers to work within virtual boundaries. It’s an easy and flexible solution that’s perfect for soccer fields, golf courses, city parks, or commercial properties— anywhere with a large area of turf that need to be maintained! Best of all, the absence of physical boundary wires eliminates line breakages due to aerating or turf repair.

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4 thoughts on “Husqvarna EPOS: Virtual Boundaries, Endless Possibilities | Husqvarna”

  1. Now make one for a residential market that senses trees, shrubs, sheds, pathways, and property boundaries. Should be very accurate using GPS coordinates so you plot the boundaries of zones you want on your property. It is very annoying searching for breaks in boundary wire when you have a property about two acres in size. Also, solar-powered for nonstop operation during sunny days.

  2. Husqvarna's customer support is absolute garbage. I have made over 6 phone calls and have messaged numerous Husqvarna support staff: Chris S, Marcelo A., Brymond, Barbie, etc. My riding mower is 18 months old, and it no longer works. Husqvarna customer support has sent me to three locations, and now they are directing me to take it to a fourth location.

    Why? Their database for repair and warranty work isn't current. Someone obviously isn't doing their job.

    We used to love Husqvarna, but times haver changed. It shouldn't take 3 months +, umpteen phone calls/emails, and having to pay to transport the riding mower to four locations to have simply have this lemon repaired.

    Get your act together!

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