I bought a CRASHED Honda S2000 and it's THREE different colors

I bought a pre-owned and pre-crashed Honda S2000 that doesn’t even roll. In this video I’ll show you the starting point, and everything currently wrong with it. There are lots.


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Intro song by Chris Henry:

Music provided by RFM:


NOTE: The activities that take place in this video are part of sanctioned events and should only be performed by professionals on a closed course.

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11 thoughts on “I bought a CRASHED Honda S2000 and it's THREE different colors”

  1. When one looks at the entire package it seems overwelming. But! When one looks at it from the standpoint of one thing at a time, it becomes very doable. All that's needed is time and patience. You certainly are able as there's nothing here you haven't done before. Time to get to work Todd. I'll just sit back and enjoy the progress. I've gotten rather good at this in my old age.

  2. Not a something I would undertake but this will be interesting to watch and see the transformation from "Hey just take me to the junkyard" to "Wow what a beautiful car" 😂😂 Can't wait to watch this series and the S2000 come back to life!

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