42 thoughts on “I HACKED the Apple AirTag and made it untraceable!”

  1. Right to repair is a must. This is corporate propaganda. I’m a hobby electronics guy a disagree with this. Those that not know rushing to give away there freedoms.

  2. I got raped by my girlfriend's iPhone. At first, I found it making random #MeToo posts when I know she was snoring beside me. Then it started calling itself a male feminist. Next thing I knew, it was violating me with no lube.

    My Android has always left my brown eye alone. Sometimes it tries to give me…oral gratification…but it always understands that no means no when I'm not in the mood.

  3. Airtag is the most useless thing ever,you can steal someting with it just by get the airtag and throw it away,to disable it you just have to remove the battery or hit it with your foot and brake it

  4. Rewatching this video that introduced me to your channel. I'm glad your video wasn't just a bland here's what you do typical video. I found myself asking more Questions than answers and as someone who is also subbed to louis. I was confused & dumbfounded but then I went down your rabbit hole and found a gem. Pls put out more consistent videos so the Algorithm can push your Content.

    Best Hidden Gem,
    Phenomenal Personality,
    I'm Glad I'm here for it this early in your Journey.

  5. hi handsome. well spoken. i love it.your thumbs up, subscript and enjoyed your tone of voice.where can i buy your soldering kit? thanks.

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