7 thoughts on “iMow Stihl RMI 632 PC-L”

  1. I cannot even get a price on this thing, I've called the dealer who had no answer of when they'd have it or price. I called Stihl who told me to contact the distributor. I called the distributor who told me they only talk to dealers who sent me to stihl again who told me only dealers could give me that info. So yeah…going to avoid this product, no way I'd expect help if it didnt work properly. Thanks for your review, makes the decision a no brainer.

  2. In reviewing this RMI 632 PC-L Connected ¡Mow I have discovered how lacking support in the USA this and many other Stihl products there are. All 4 apps on apple, have horrendous reviews. It appears Stihl is putting ZERO EFFORT in to helping the consumer with upkeep after products are sold. I have received much more information about my ms250 chainsaw from tribal knowledge via social media than anything Stihl has offered .. a shame, as I love my chainsaw … and, I want to love to purchase an imow but I lack the confidence in Stihl to do the right thing if any problem should arise.

    Thank you for your video.

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