Improving grip on Worx landroid M500 series

Improved grip of landroid worx M500 series,
Added 800 grams of weight on the rear using double face tape (double side tape) and wood working metal plates. Normal wheels better grip on wet surface. The grip improved. It may refuce battery performance, but It reduces time unlocking the landmower so many times during the day.

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3 thoughts on “Improving grip on Worx landroid M500 series”

  1. I have 3D printet a box and filled it with scrap metal (2,5 kg).

    Mounted with velcro and moved back.

    The "problem" for the m models are that they are to heavy on the front wheel.

    Approximately 300 grams more than the s models. ( I have got both models and the s model beats the m model every time without the extra weight)

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