15 thoughts on “ISDT X16 Mini Review | 2200W 16S Charger | JST-XH Balance Solution”

  1. hello I was watching this interesting video and I wanted to understand something, I have a 48v 48 Ah battery pack for an efoil the batteries are 18650 and I wanted to understand the balanced loading method, I now have a bms but I would like to remove it and use this device , by connecting the balancing cables to a connector connected to the charger, in this way I use the battery without the bms and load it by balancing it like a lipo battery, do you think the internal batteries in this system are not discharged in a different way? I don't understand why so many tell me it can't be done

  2. So in dual charging mode, what is the max dual amp rate it can handle not what it says. And in parallel mode whats the max amp it can put out again not what it says but reality output. Ta

  3. perfect for my 200v electric trike currently i use 8 ISD dt8 at 25 amp setting for all 8. I would love 4 of these if i can get the output 25amp per side

  4. You didn't mention current king of rc chargers, Elprog Pulsar 3+, it is 2.5kW charge and discharge, 14s liion or 16s lifepo capable. Real monster, pity that not 16s…

  5. Isdt is making nonfunctional products lately. I will be fine with price if product will be fully functional. But at this moment since you cannot do balance charging not worth the money. I bought recently an ISDT CM1620. Deon't have a screen you are suppose to connect thru bluetooth and control from the app. Same issue is not going to connect. Useless. Also I have a Graupner Polaron Pro and that one can do up to 14S balance charging. Came with all the cables necessary to do that and 14S balance charging was working right out of the box. Also It has an wifi adapter and I can connect from the phone and setup charging. Again this feature worked right out of the box. Paid 200$ for it. Needs external power supply.

  6. Nice!!! Just ordered two boards on your site. I have some questions about charging two 6s together in parallel or series if you have time for me to pick your brain for a few minutes.

  7. Thanks alot for this review! Please, what exactly is the ballance plug type? I just ordered the charger from banggood, need to figure this out before it arrives… Thx

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