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  1. Hi. I have a question: how much wire did you use for your perimeter? Cuz I read only of Worx site that the maximum limit is 350 meters. I have a very large yard and I'm under the limit of the manufacturer but some trees have many roots and I'm thinking of exclude them with the wire.
    Are there any problems, if you know about it, with very long peripheral wire?

  2. Thanks for a great video. yes, most of the videos you've seen all have a smooth and nice lawn. Ours looks almost like yours, uneven terrain with moss and fir roots. we started by cutting the grass with a normal lawnmower, then we let the robot cut (set to the longest) then drive around for a week or so, at every obstacle it gets stuck in, we fix it by filling soil or blocking, when the robot can do it, we lower cut height, slip a little with the tires so we bought special "tyres/wheel side" from Germany looks like a cut blade and screw on now it goes forward quickly and without slipping.

  3. man your grass is tall…..don't think the worx is built for this type of environment. To prevent it from getting stuck I attached a 2.5 pound dumbell to it via safety wire…..adding that weight prevents it from being stuck on hills less than 35 Degrees.

  4. The random cutting pattern will never look good. The technology just isn't ready. If you are too lazy to mow you are certainly too lazy to babysit this dumb box when it gets stuck

  5. 2 years in and I am still waiting for the AI…
    v3.26 is still not very useful on my M1000. There is absolutely no intelligent decisions being made under that orange shell.
    If you shell out extra for the GPS, don't expect it to use it for anything other than allowing you to check it's location.
    The forward facing radar will avoid tall grass.
    Magnetic no-go conflicts with the radar and causes it to stick in endless loops of no-go – back off and go right, avoid object by turning left, dho! no-go, always turn right again and repeat…
    This could have been so good, but the programming is just not up to snuff. They should just port open-mower to it and give people a better experience.

  6. THANK YOU! finally, someone with a non-whitebread situation! your slopes aren't 35° (which is physically difficult to stand on, i think you mean 35%), but they Are significant, and similar to the ones i have. many, many thanks for sharing your experience.

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