Landroid wr155e (L2000) lift sensor hack. How to stop the lawner to get stuck everyday!

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As many other people, I started getting annoying lift erroirs with my landroid WR155E after the 3.14 firmware update. I’m not totally sure what happened at that point, but Worx might have introduced the feature putting the robot in security mode after 5 “lift” detection in a row.

Anyway, the result of this is that my mower became totally useless. I had to restart it every single day. a shame for an automatic mower that is supposed to make your life easier.

After months of fighting with Worx support, I visited reddit and figured out that a user (thanks @axseexcentrico2) did open his landroid, and figured out how the lift sensor was working.

Here is a very (long, sorry I am no video editor) showing you how to open the robot, and stick the right piece together in order to forget about that nasty life error!

This is, in my opinion, a requested hack for every person who hasn’t a lawn flat as pancake !

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25 thoughts on “Landroid wr155e (L2000) lift sensor hack. How to stop the lawner to get stuck everyday!”

  1. Thanks, now my L2000 works fine.
    EDIT after 2 months: Do not remove the black plastic with the magnet, only the magnet itself. Without this black element, the wheel's axis loses stability, the plastic wears out, and the wheel starts to jam when moving up or down. Attach only the magnet to the sensor!

  2. My landroid wr165 keeps on stopping on a slight incline (about 20 degrees) by the boundary wire. I put on the wheel spikes and it got much better but still stopping often. Any ideas how i can fix that?

  3. Great video/information, I also agree that Worx needs to rethink this design as it is way too sensitive and very few will have a lawn that does not trip the sensor repeatedly. Maybe put the sensor on the shell and not on the wheels. This has been so frustrating for far too long.

    I did alter this slightly however by just wrapping a string around the bottom of the wheel shaft just below the sensor. For some reason mine went back to giving lift error shortly after taping the magnet to one of the wheels circuit boards. When taping them both I got a lift error immediately after powering on that would not go away. I then took it apart again and decided to just try wrapping a piece of string around he bottom part of the wheel preventing it from dropping, put everything back together again and no more lift error. It's been running longer than ever before by doing this. So, thanks for the tip!

  4. A little side note in the safety aspect of this mod.
    “Lift” sensors in the wheels or on the cover are not there to detect if the body of the mower is “physically lifted” .
    These sensors are there because the shape of the cover is specifically designed to trigger these sensors when the mower runs over your feet. The cover will ride on the foot of a standing person, and since this motion will “lift” the cover from its normal position, causing the casters to “fall down”, the robot will immediately stop the blade and turn away.
    So this can be dangerous even if no one is lifting up the robot from the ground. A distracted person standing on the lawn when the mower is operating could be injured as the blade will not stop anymore when feets are under the robot body (and very close to spinning blades)
    Be careful guys!

  5. looks like you have some hand tremors , do you consume a lot of coffee ? or just a bit stressed , if this gets any worse over time , best to speak to your doctor to check if its just stress

  6. Hey, thank you so much for your solution and posting the video. You saved my sanity and you saved the Landroid from the garbage bin because this problem was driving me absolutely nuts. I had contacted Worx support several times about this issue weeks ago and they still have not made any attempt to contact me that I can tell. The lift problem wasn't so bad until this last firmware update and clearly the people who write the software and/or test it have perfect lawns without any little bumps (grass clumps). I would suspect a lot of people with the lift problem are making this modification so if Worx is indeed using that trigger as a feedback mechanism on their software, they probably think there isn't a lift problem as far as the feedback reporting goes. Oh well, it is working very well now and just wanted to say thanks. Cheers!

  7. Hi, thanks for the video. solved these enoying lift errors! One thing I did different is I removed the cutting disc and metal guard to easily get to that one screw just below the cutting disc.

  8. Thanks a lot. My garden is not a golf green and my robot is making lift compensation every 2m or lift errors 3 times per day minimum. I will apply this immediatly but perhaps put an electronic bypass instead of the sensor

  9. Thanks a lot 🤩🤩🤩I'm so happy now ,no more worries about that pice of shit from 1200$ that's always stuck with lift errors .
    You helped saving me from buying a new one (no more worx)or back a lawnmower

  10. Thanks for the tips. I just took the actual magnet out of the little black plastic clip, wrapped a layer of electrical tape around the pc board sensor to resist shorting it. Wrapped the magnet in a few more layers and covered it all with a piece of duct tape. Ran all day no issues. That is a rarity, Thanks Again

  11. Hi! I'm thinking of doing this myself as well, thanks for the thorough instructions. Is there a warranty seal of some sorts that would be broken when opening the mower this way?

    And also, do you really mean that if you power on the mower without the cover, then it "won't ever start", as in, even if you put the cover back on?

  12. I have made modifications to my Landroid to add night lighting effects. It was a fun project (as seen here When I got the unit completely assembled I had trouble as the robot just made continuous circles. Thinking I had messed something up was causing me to panic. I remembered your video and saw a message on the control panel that said 'executing wheel lift maneuver'. After disassembly (not easy) I found one of the LIFT sensors has slipped out of its bracket. After remounting the sensor all was well. Just wanted to shout out to you a thanks as your video was very helpful in my project.

  13. Danke für das super erklärte Video. Nach der Installation und dem mühevollen Verlegen des Begrenzungsdrahtes war es ein Schock, daß mein Worx L 2000 noch nicht einmal von der provisorisch installierten Ladestation ohne Fehlermeldung gefahren ist. Danach nur Problem mit Fehlermeldungen. Wie beschrieben habe ich "Mährta" fresiert und siehe da, sie läuft ohne Probleme. Der Kontakt mit dem Worx Kundendienst bot keine Lösung außer meinen1000qm Rasen einzuebnen. Andere Fabrikate in der Umgebung haben dieses Problem nicht. Es ist so schön zu sehen wie "Mährta" einfach ihren Job macht. good job👌

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