4 thoughts on “Laying the Boundary Wire”

  1. In 2021, I purchased a Husqvarna Automower 435x AWD. Within a week of setting up the boundary wire and spending $980 for it, the 435x AWD malfunctioned due to a problem with the knob control. Despite three warranty repairs, the issue persisted. Eventually, the dealer informed me that this particular model had a factory recall and a new knob had been designed. I returned the product and lost the money I paid for the boundary wire($980), and $125 for the Finance Charge.
    I had previously lost money on a boundary wire and decided to purchase a new model with all the latest features and updates. After waiting and watching for two years, I finally received the 535X AWD. Unfortunately, this model malfunctioned after less than two months of use. The technician diagnosed two issues: a faulty power supply and the need to replace the command board, which was out of stock.
    Now I spent $4,350 on a broken Husqvarna machine and want to return it for a refund, but no one will take responsibility and they keep passing me around.
    I would greatly appreciate any assistance regarding this situation.#husquvarna #automower #automower430x  #automower435xawd #automower535awd #customerservice

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