Loncin 196cc 7HP gasoline engine customization color remote control grass trimmer

Loncin 196cc 7HP gasoline engine customization color remote control grass trimmer

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Building off recent advances in remote-control technology, we currently offers lawn mower with increased functionality and expanded application areas. Steep slopes and areas that are dangerous or difficult to access can now be worked with professional remote-control mowers. Just a few years ago this work would not have been possible except under strenuous physical conditions.

Mowing in high summer temperatures is not ideal for users’ occupational health, safety and comfort. Lawn mower eliminate exposure to these risks as well as vibration, noise, exhaust fumes, dust, pollen and insects. And our products greatly improves occupational health and safety, especially on hazardous areas and steep slopes.

Vigorun Tech focus on the research & development of remote control and auto pilot intelligent machinery that solve business challenges and improve opportunities for profitability and growth for landscaping contractors, football fields,mountain slopes,communities and greenhouses and orchards,and more. Our robotic mowers reduce unnecessary labor costs, improve profitability, create safer working conditions.

Model: VTC550-75/VTC550-90/VTC800-160/VTW550-70/VTW550-90
Cutting Width: 550mm/550mm/800mm/550mm/550mm
Walking Speed: 0-6km/h /0-6km/h /0-4km/h /0-6km/h /0-6km/h
Working Degree: 0-40°/0-40°/0-50°/0-50°/0-50°
Adjustable Cutting Height: 10~150mm/10~150mm/10~180mm 40/80/120mm /10~180mm
Min Ground Clearance: 20mm/20mm/20mm/20mm/20mm
Remote Control Range: 200m/200m/200mm/200mm/200mm

Fuel Type: Gasoline/Gasoline/Gasoline/Gasoline/Gasoline
Brand: Yamaha/Loncin/Loncin/Loncin/Loncin
Power / Emission: 7.5Hp / 175cc /9Hp / 224cc /16Hp / 452cc /7Hp / 196cc /9Hp / 224cc
Engine Type: Single cylinder, four stroke/Single cylinder, four stroke/Single cylinder, four stroke/Single cylinder, four stroke
Start Method: Electric start/Electric start/ Electric start/ Electric start
Emission Standard: Euro 5/Euro 5/Euro 5/Euro 5
Fuel Tank: 2L/2L/10L/2L/2L
Working Time: 2h/2h/6h/2h/2L

Walking Motor
Motor Type: Brush electric traction/Brush electric traction/Brushless electric traction/Brush electric traction/Brushless electric traction
Voltage / Power: 12V / 600W 12V / 600W 24V / 1000W 48V / 400W 24V / 1000W

Dynamo: 12V 1500W/12V 1500W/24V 2500W/*/12V 1500W
Battery: 12V 12Ah/ 12V 12Ah/24V 40Ah/48V 80Ah/24V 20Ah

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Loncin 196cc 7HP gasoline engine customization color remote control grass trimmer
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