Luba RTK and App Control Beta Test Video

Luba uses APP to set up virtual boundaries and complete a full session of mowing. The grass looks so much better after Luba mows it.

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10 thoughts on “Luba RTK and App Control Beta Test Video”

  1. I am so amazed by how people are pledging these projects without seeing the fine print of Terms and Conditions. So ideal location to test the mower. Without any obstacles, without a tree or a bush, clear line of sight from the reference antenna, no solar flares to screw up the GPS system, etc.
    And the mower still misses a part of the lawn, not covering the previous track, but turning a few cm further, but on the next turn it does almost a 70% over lap. Fascinating technology… Will you have water damage cover when the mower misses the side of a garden lake and goes for a swim?

  2. I'm hovering over the pledge button but a bit nervous. It looks excellent and just what I'm looking for but the demo shows the antenna in the middle of the lawn. What kind of maximum distance will the mower operate successfully from the antenna (unobstructed/building obstructed)? What does it do if it loses antenna signal? Has it been tested in a "real world" scenario?

  3. I find this project very interesting but I am hesitating. Here is why: I would like to see more information that this device can be repaired easily in the future. Do you offer spare parts? Can the device be opened easily? Can the battery be replaced with standard battery packs? I would really like to be confident, that this lawn mower can last 10 years, but there is no information available.

  4. I would love to test your product if you still need bata testers this would be a life saver and would get lots of people noticing your product because I love near a kinda busy road with a not super perfectly smith lawn but it would be a good test how this mower respond to most tipical lawn that people have would love to test and film it for you if you still need real life testers

  5. Do you have an antenna/range extender? I have a .5 acre lot with a home that has some exterior and a metal roof. I'm concerned the signal won't reach all corners of the property.

  6. Also, base center of lawn (yes beta testing), another showing Luba in a larger area and working a good distance (say 300+feet) from the base station and around a building.

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