24 thoughts on “March Of Empires – HACK GOLD 100% REAL!”

  1. Yo no puedo crecer, necesito mucho oro para poder hacer crecer mi castillo y a mi campeón, mi reino es el 400 y mi poder apenas llega a los 31M mis recursos son mi mínimos, necesito mucho oro y también una alianza fuerte que me acepte 😭

  2. i admire u bro. When i red the title i was sure to see some illegal technique but in fact you use real camps so that great from a youtuber like you to qhow the exemple

  3. Thanks for making video…… but i need your help to grow fast ….. Please help me ……how to make Champion 80 fast in 2 days with out encounter pass…… upgrade castle to 31 fast…… Please help me

  4. He just made this video to say NO PIRACY ! Thank you very much …. tHIS Game needs to DEDICATE A LOT OF TIME TO PLAY SO YOU CAN GROW – ALSO If you are in a good realm with good players that do not attack small castles to loop their resources then you will grow fast – Otherwise you will quit the game . This game its a stragedy and tactics and THATS WHAT ALL SHOULD FOLLOW . If the players are minors in the mind and attach just to loop the weak players which is quiet often then Dont bother to Play , you will get bored .

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