Repeated Collision Errors From A Husqvarna 435X Or 535AWD Automower

We have been seeing complaints of reoccurring collision errors on Husqvarna 435X and 535 AWD Automowers, so in this video we show you one of the things to check for on your 435X or 535 AWD if you should experience repeated collision errors. On the Automowers that we have serviced that were experiencing reoccurring collision errors we found that the joystick sensor had pierced through the center of the busing that secures the Automower’s top cover to the joystick sensor. this causes the top cover to not sit properly on all 4 joysticks which causes the mower to give a variation of an active collision error as it is mowing. Replacing the bad bushings is a pretty easy job. Just pull up on the top cover of the mower until it releases from the joystick, and then remove the bushing from the top cover and replace it with a new one. If you find this issue with one bushing then it is likely that there is a second bushing that has been or is on the verge of failing. So we recommend checking all 4 of the rubber bushings for the top cover on the section that is causing the error.

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