Review Worx Robotic Landroid L Mower – Half Acre!!

I was very excited to try this out on in my backyard.
This is my review for the Worx Robotic Landroid L Mower (20-Volt 9in. 4.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Robotic Landroid L Mower, Brushless Wheel Motors, Wifi Plus Phone App).
I got the lawn mower model made for the half acre and tested it out in my backyard!! 🙂 #automation

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12 thoughts on “Review Worx Robotic Landroid L Mower – Half Acre!!”

  1. Your boundary wires are not properly installed. You should have used your lawn mower for the first cut. Your blades will dull faster if you have uneven ground going onto sand. You need to clear the twigs and leaves before you start. Your yard needs work for this to work. All in all you recognize this and people with a similar lawn won't expect miracle. Good work on the video.

  2. Your terrain does look suspect but I from my experience with the Landroid, burried wire is preferable. After marker longer spikes would also work to keep wire in place. Possible solutions do require an extra effort bu at the end of the day, if you get this thing going, you will be pleased with it's performance. Looking at your situation, I do believe with the extra effort this Landroid can be installed for error free operation.

  3. Had you secured the wire every 32 inches with the pegs as suggested in the instructions, I don't believe you would have had issues with cut wire.
    You looked great in your debrief!

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