1 thought on “Robomow RS612 Robotic Mulching Mower.”

  1. RUDE customer service !! I had previously read that since acquisition of Robomow by MTD the customer service went into the septic tank. BUT WOW !!! Just spent 20 min. on the phone with Robomow customer service. I played along as long as possible …. but it was apparent that from the first 15 seconds the service dude was out to pick a fight. Unnecessarily rude. Then …. when the guy did not understand that wire resistance decreases with larger wire diameter …. he got harrumphy. HAHAHA! I asked him if he might have fallen asleep during physics class. He said I was insulting him and he hung up. He offered zero assistance before "my insult". Be advised. I like the machine …. but do not look for help.

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