Robomow RT installation video 2021A EN

Robomow – Is a leading brand amongst robotic and automatic lawn mowers. Subscribe to our channel for more Robomow videos.

It is strong, with its tough and sharp steel blades, Robomow easily handles even the first cut of the season when the grass is high. It also mulches branches and cones.
It is fast, Equipped with wide mowing blades, Robomow completes mowing your lawn much faster, leaving you much more free time on the lawn to enjoy.
Edging, with its unique Edge Mode and blades that cut beyond the wheels, Robomow trims the lawn edges, so you don’t have to do it manually.

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1 thought on “Robomow RT installation video 2021A EN”

  1. i'd like to see a garden video. Is the new RT700 work well? What kind of grass need RT700. Is the new gras right for RT700. I'got a lot of question, and it is spring time.

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