Robomow RT Robot Lawn Mower with Perimeter Wire – 12 V Lithium-ion battery – Assembly tutorial

If you are looking for a tool for mowing your garden The Robomow RT Robot lawn mower is exactly what you need. With this handy little robot you’ll be able to monitor your garden without any effort.

This robot lawn mower offers a 18 cm cutting width and it is equipped with a floating cutting deck, which will ensure good results even on uneven terrains. This cutting device allows adjusting the cutting height in 4 positions, from 15 mm to 60 mm.

These robot lawn mowers offer the possibility to leave grass clippings in the cutting area without the need to collect them and this is thanks to the use of the mulching cutting system, which allows to leave the cut grass directly on the lawn. This process determined by the mulching system allows distributing grass clippings evenly for a fertilized, healthy lawn. Thus, it also let to the reduction of the loss of moisture coming from the soil.

Robomow RT is fully automatic. Once the operator has proceeded delimiting the working perimeter of the defined lawn area, he will just need to start the robot lawn mower to get excellent results even immediately after the first operations. Then it is possible to change the working settings both through the Robomow 2.0 App via Bluetooth and through Internet in the MyRobomow portal by means the GSM module.

Thanks to the patented all terrain wheels, it can mow even on slopes up to 30% without slipping.

Other strengths of Robomow RT:

Silent and reliable: (Just over 60 dB);
Safe: thanks to the 360° sensors;
Easy to set up: both by means touchscreen and the apps for smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth;

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