Robomow RT300: my first ROBOT LAWN MOWER🔥 REVIEW & TEST✅

Today, we’ll test and review the first robot lawn mower that I got to see. This is a new 2021 model – Robomow RT300. A little history behind it, the Israeli company Robomow was established in ‘95, and has been making robot lawnmowers now for over 25 years. The manufacturers made a lot of updates from the previous RX20. Most importantly: a better battery, a front wheel for better stability and a new wheel protector, which allows the robot to go cross-country. Later on I’ll test the robot in full and tell you if you should get this model, or a robot lawnmower at all. Again, this model cost around $1000. And now, let’s get cracking!



00:00 Intro
00:59 Package
01:32 Design
03:54 Technical features
04:08 Functionality
06:40 Installation
07:15 Testing
11:12 Safety
10:15 Personal Opinion

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4 thoughts on “Robomow RT300: my first ROBOT LAWN MOWER🔥 REVIEW & TEST✅”

  1. Incredible video! I've just bought one of these and I'm about to install the wire. The instructions say use the 4th arrow near walls – but are they being over-cautious? Could I use arrow 3 and it still doesn't hit the wall for example? How much margin for error have they included?

  2. Hello, good video! I also bought a brand new RT300 and have a question. According to the conditional instructions, the base station must not be in a corner or outside the grass / mowing area. According to the instructions, the base should be installed along the boundary cable with a minimum of 1m straight path in front of and behind. That doesn't suit me at all – we solved it for you (in the video the base is on a corner – outside the grass (on stones)?

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