Robot Lawn Mower a MISTAKE? | Husqvarna Automower 2-Year Review

Was our Husqvarna Automower 430x a mistake? Here’s a review of the benefits plus 1 big drawback we encountered after having this robot lawn mower for 2 years.
This is the one we have:

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Ashley Renne 💋

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37 thoughts on “Robot Lawn Mower a MISTAKE? | Husqvarna Automower 2-Year Review”

  1. I wish I was rich enough to throw my car away every five years and live 'sustainably'. Oddly my carbon footprint and wastage is a thousandth of these people who live 'sustainably'. Funny that.

  2. Oh… Nice video! But what unviable life you have if you mention such pros and cons… Drawback???Where is your man??? So, first in your place I would just beat up your lousy 🙂 husband if he couldnt think forward not to cut the cables while aerating. Second a few more punches for your lame 🙂 husband for not able to fix a simple boundary cable break after aeration. Third the good news is that there are already boundary wire free robotic lawn mowers on the market, you can choose both self boundary learning AI and/or GPS versions SO go and get your shoddy 🙂 husband to buy one of these instead. Fourth I hope Husqvarna will sue your punk 🙂 husband soon for the misleading title of this video and you will be able to post some better videos about whatever your husband's sunny side… 🙂

  3. You would think that with technology today the lawn mower machine wouldn't require a wire around the perimeter of the property to keep the it within the area. I thought that these units used spikes with sensors laid several feet apart around the perimeter. The same type that keep keep a pet coraled with a collar within a property. Thanks for posting as I was considering buying one of these and went to YouTube to check them out. It seems like they all require a perimeter wire which, as you pointed out, can easily break. As an elderly man tired of doing his lawn. Laying and installing the wire on 1/2 an acre seems tedious and that's providing I don't run out of the cable during installation. Back to the drawing board as this doesn't seem like it's ready for prime time yet!

  4. I´ve had a Husqvarna 430X running since 2016 – and no cuts on the wires what so ever. I laid out the boundary wires myself, and did a few adjustments in the months after. No problems or issues here 😉

  5. I have one. ButThe boundary wire provided by the seller was thin and cheap and was easily cut. This was a real pain eventually I bought a new wire from eBay which was much better quality and since then I’ve had no problems.The seller originally wanted me to pay extra for professional team to lay the boundary wire and The cynic in me says they wanted it to fail so that I paid agan for the pro to come out Anyway the new wire is great and I’ve had no problems and I did it Myself. It was easy and you can do it too. Final point I would definitely recommend 100% it has saved hours of my life is also very quiet and the lawn always looks perfect rather than perfect just for a day after you’ve mowed it. Oh and no poisonous gas or petrol fumes. It also feeds the lawn with the mulched grass So no need for those companies that try and sell you Greenlawn chemicals and pesticides 🙂
    I b

  6. Why at the beginning of the video there is a comparison of a bagged lawn mower to the mulching capability of the 315? Many mowers are capable of mulching…this is apples to oranges. Otherwise…Aside from the wire cutting, if you had to do it all over again, would you buy this model, the bigger model, or a different item?

  7. Liar your not living a sustainable lifestyle. Use a push mower and ride a bike , stop virtue signalling you have no idea, where do you think the electricity comes from to run your car and mower? COAL is where! you greenies are so dum , living green you destroy the enviroment! So funny watching you pack fresh veggies into a Petro chemical made plastic bag as well,.. Should call this show dumb and dumber

  8. When you let the boundary wire be installed by a professional…. it is installed below the grass (as in: covered by earth), not above the grass. So I guess you installed the boundary wire wrong

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