Robot Lawn Mowers Australia – Wheel Spikes Worx Landroid

This video introduces our Wheel Spikes for the Worx Landroid models sold in Australia.
What tools are required to fit the wheel spikes.
Tutorial of how to install the wheel spikes.

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3 thoughts on “Robot Lawn Mowers Australia – Wheel Spikes Worx Landroid”

  1. My Landroid (Mowie) has to drive across the concrete sidewalk to mow the grass in the tree lawn. He does fine now but will the spikes cause a problem on that surface? Also Mowie mows between the vines in my vineyard which he sees with the ACS system. But occasionally a wheel will come into contact with a vine. Will the spikes injure trees or vines they occasionally come into contact with? Could they be mounted to the insides of the wheels to prevent this?

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