Robot Lawn Mowers Australia – Worx Landroid First Test

Our first installation test of the new Worx Landroid. Available from Robot Lawn Mowers Australia soon.


23 thoughts on “Robot Lawn Mowers Australia – Worx Landroid First Test”

  1. Great review. Can you tell me what the distance between the in and out cables should be for secondary areas? How wide does a crossover need to be between the areas? Thank you.

  2. Good video! I am considering this one as my first robo mower and have been reading various tests and reviews. Do you have any thoughts on how it compares to mccolloch s600 or r1000. Latest tests in Sweden give McCulloch the edge but I for some reason am drawn too worx. My feeling is that worx has much better app and possibilities too improve trough simple ota updates so it seems more modern and “smart”. Still I want the one that does the best job mowing as that still is the main purpose of course 🙂 cut to edge seems like worx might doo better than many. Best regards, thanks in advance✌🏻

  3. Too bad these this thing need that stupid guide and boundary wire to work. A real none starter when we have gps mapping available or let users create there own maps using a app. Oh well maybe a few more generations later in updates.

  4. Hello, I just bought a used Worx WR143E. Unfortunately the triangular template for positioning the wire in the corners was not with the robot. Would you be so kind as to tell me the dimensions of this triangle so that I can redo a template? Thanks in advance, Patrice.

  5. Now, if you could actually get it to cut grass it would be worth it.Like watching paint dry as it tries to move on a non-lawn. Would love to see it actually cutting a real lawn with grass that needs a couple inches of cut

  6. My brother had one of this. He was inside the house while the robot mower was doing its job outside. When he went outside to check, the robot was nowhere to be seen. Someone stole it.

  7. Hi!! Thanks for the video, I love it. I bought the WR142 700 Wifi, my garden is divided by a concrete path like yours. I would like to know how you have put or installed the perimeter cable to cross the road. Thank you very much and I'm sorry my English, I'm from Spain!

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