Robot Lawnmower – Everything you need to know before buying

We have our robot lawnmower one year and it’s honestly one of the best things we have ever bought! This video is everything I wanted to know about Robot Lawnmowers before we bought ours.


00:00 – Intro
01:27 – Advantages of a Robotmower
06:08 – Disadvantages of the mower
– 09:55 – Safety (kids and pets)
13:52 – Price compared to alternatives
14:33 – How it works (How it stays in your lawn, how does it cut everywhere etc)
17:42 – Buying Tips
22:15- Installation Tips

Essential parts

Blades:* –* –

Ground pegs:* –* –

Weatherproof connectors:* –* –

Additional Boundary Wire:* –* –

Robot Lawnmowers

Medium Worx Landroid on* –
Large Worx Landroid on* –

Worx Landroid on* –

Worx Landroid on –
(This is where I got mine and I had no issues, but there has been some complaints on a forum I frequently recently about delays dispatching)

FYI: I think my M1000 has been replaced by the L1000

Note: I am recommending Worx as It’s the one I have, but I do not have experience with other brands, I’m sure there are other good alternatives too.

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35 thoughts on “Robot Lawnmower – Everything you need to know before buying”

  1. We bought a Green Works 16" 20V push mower this spring for our kids, I really like this mower. I bought a Craftsmen 28 HP 54" deck riding mower for our home, but I really should have bought a robot mower! Let the kids push their lawn when it needs it, but we have .8 acre, including the footprint of the house and driveway, and no isolated pieces of lawn, all connected by at least a few feet of grass. Perfect for a robot mower. Maybe next year.

  2. Thank you. I have been looking at this one. But my yard is nuts the way it is set up. In some of it, it is big in some of it and 3 ft to 5 ft for about 60 ft. Then it back to the big part. Do you think it will work? I want the one that will do a 1/2A

  3. Hi, i have a question about esp8266 car, is it somehow possible to control it from anywhere? I alredy try port forwarding but that didnt work. Btw great video 😀

  4. Nice. I've been very sceptical (especially since I have a ride on and it would make it redundant). But one question (I like the garden by the way) do you get rabbits? Our garden is full of spots where they dig into the lawn and it's likely it'll just get caught, but on the flip side if it was a definite rabbit deterrent I think I'd be out getting one as soon as I can convince the boss!

  5. Great review. When I looked at these I was put off by how completely dumb they were. So I’m waiting for Elon Musk to pay some attention to the lawn mowing challenge. 😉

  6. I’ve been wanting to build an FPV mower, like I Did A Thing, long before robot mowers were widely available. But, seeing as how cheap and widely available they’ve become, I might just have to buy one now. And maybe modify it later to be FPV RC. I hate mowing, even more so when it’s 100° F pretty regularly…

  7. This is going to sound stupid but seeing it do the "random" navigation like a roomba would drive me up the wall. The whole yard could be done in an hour or two if it knew how to navigate like those nicer robot vacuums with LIDAR. I can understand the choice of the manufacturers though, super cheap to implement.

  8. A lot of these things are paralleled with robot vacuums. Even a loose wire lying on the floor can have drastic consequences. Pets occasionally leave a "surprise" on the floor, and the vacuum would drive and drag right through it, so I can't use its schedule feature. Too steep of an incline, difficult carpets, or even the cork of a wine bottle can be insurmountable obstacles, sending you into a rage when hearing the wheels helplessly dragging on the floor AGAIN.

    I would love to see robot mowers with the same kind of smart navigation, rather than just them hoping to reach every bit of the lawn before the battery runs out.

  9. a friend of mine is a veterinarian. He says since the number of robots is growing over the last years, he sees harmed hedgehogs with serious cuts in his clinic. He says this is due bad security options on cheaper robots, and people running their robots night and day. So guys: spend some money on security, on switch your "laziness supporters" off during the dark …

  10. Very interesting Brian, even though I don't even have a lawn, I always like to know about gadgets. On another note, I finally ordered a 64 x 32 RGB LED panel, can you ship from your store to the UK yet?

  11. my direct neighbors also got a lawnmower robot a few weeks ago but it the direct comparison it seems like the permanently cut grass looks burned, especially with the high temperatures that are prevailing lately (at least here in germany). do you have any experience with how to tackle this problem? this is the only thing that prevents me from getting one aswell

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