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  1. These are amazing, Huge area with many challenges = problems to work out , stick with it and replace blades often , as they dull quickly on stone and steel.

  2. As for why the perimeter wire: GPS is currently only accurate to 9 feet Except GNNS is correlational for GPS down to centimeters.

    Suggestions: 1. Placing the wire could be done easily by placing a skill saw on wheels and cutting a slot in the ground, with a spool of wire mounted atop the saw with a spring mounted pusher down to low level. Of course you need carbide tips on your blade for rocks.

    2. Getting Stuck in the un-level places; Fill them with sand. Even fill the pockets that naturally occur with sand, it will level and take less power to overcome them. And level lawn is less bouncy for lawn mowers. I Iove the concept.

    I'm seriously considering getting one. At $200/mo for a "mow and blow" lawn guy on 2 acres , I could justify one in 12 months. Plus my dog wouldn't want to eat him. I'm looking at the next gen Husquavarna Mower, 550H ($3500). Im guessing its gonna be a real mind blower, straight lines no skips. and, cm accuracy.

  3. This review was really helpful, thank you so much! I appreciate you discussing the issues you ran into, this answered a lot of questions and concerns I had

  4. You know those little clips together conectors? they are called Scotch Locks and they are rubbish because they corrode when they contact with water and dirt so you will be chasing bad connections forever. They are sometimes supplied with stuff you install in cars and they give nothing but trouble there as well. I install solenoid-operated watering systems and cheap systems use the same connectors and they keep me in business repairing them constantly.

  5. Thank you so much for this video. I am currently in the journey of installing my guide wire for my 430xh. Completely overwhelmed by the bare minimum of explanation of the ‘quick guide’ they gave me with the mower but you made it make sense. I got mine to do over an acre, so lets hope it does well with that 😅

  6. If someone is getting one, print out a Google maps image of ur property and set out on paper first where everything will go, makes it much easier than doing it on the fly

  7. Just pulled the trigger on this same model from Lowe's online… added some odds and ends from Amazon and it should all be here in about 2 weeks. I like a ~2" shag carpet lawn should I cut mine to ~1" before I let the beast loose? Got a few young trees and flowerbeds around with split firewood borders/edges (~3-4") . How tall a border do you need to keep it from plowing through the petunias? How bout running the wire through pvc conduit at gravel driveways?

  8. Hi man! Regarding your thoughts about the mower needing guide wires when it has GPS. GPS, in lay mans terms, is not very precise. A typical GPS receiver has an accuracy of about 10 meters (33 feet to you americans). That is what your typical smartphone GPS has and it's the same with the AutoMower. The reason you think your smartphone GPS is so good is that Google Maps (or whatever map service you use) does a lot of clever stuff in the background to calculate your position on the map. The guide wire is much more precise for this type of application and is not dependent satellite coverage in your area. Husqvarna also sells the 550H EPOS with high precision RTK-GPS. That gives you 2 centimeter precision (less than 1 inch) and removes the need for both boundary and guide wires. However, you need an RTK base station for that and that is sold separately from the mower which brings up the total cost a lot.

  9. A good thing to think about when looking to buy a robot lawn mower is to buy a mower that have a higher rating than the size of your lawn.

    If it is rated to exactly the size of your lawn it has to cut more often. That diminishes the battery sooner and the lawn won't have time to rest resulting in a lower quality lawn.

    And the lower models have a maximum amount of hours it can mow each day. After that it just sits in the station for the remainder of the day. That means that it will never be able to cut a lawn the same size as the mowers specs are saying.

    My HQ:s rating compared to my lawn is almost double. The mower is cutting 6 hours 4 days a week and the lawn is looking good!

  10. Nice video and gives the newbies a realistic expectation for what "will" happen, i.e. getting caught under trailers, spinning stuck, etc. Happens to all of us! I have the 450 model since 2018 in Minnesota and am upgrading the wire to the pro-grade for durability in northern MN with wild-life etc. Did the same thing and installed on-ground and it worked great (when mowing short first for the path). We call ours "Mower Mama" and it's great to arrive to the cabin with the lawn mowed each week!

  11. Next year in 2023 private owners of the consumer mowers get gps satellite software upgrades so it doesnt need gidewire. Sadly only the big boy professional mowers they have do have that function for now

  12. Great video.. I have a Worx Landroid and like you in the beginning there was alot of adjustments to be made,, but now he's on his second summer, all the kinks have been fix, and he does his job with with pretty much no intervention from me..

  13. (comment made at 14 minutes)
    I have had robot for 16 years, and as I was the first one in the arena, I have helped quite a few with problems, and learned from my own mistakes…. Number 1 every time: don't folow install manual. Number 2: pushing the limit….
    Trying to get the mower to narrow spaces, expecting it to handle tramolines and other things, mudpits and so on will get you in a lot of trouble….. 🙂.

    My thought at 14 minuttes: you will have a lot of trouble! 🙂

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