The Benefits of Having a Garage For Your Robot Mower

Does your trust robot lawnmower really need a house? I mean, it is an outdoor tool, after all…

Of course, it should have a home! Yes, it may cost a little extra to buy the robot mower protector, but this is a small price to pay when you consider the long-term benefits of keeping your trust automatic mower clean, safe and out of the weather.

Keeping your Robotic Lawnmower Out of Bad Weather

Like anything else, robot mowers will last much longer if they’re kept out of the bad weather. Keeping your automower out of the rain, snow, or heat will extend its overall lifespan by months or even years!

Therefore, we would highly recommend getting your robot mower somewhere safe and dry where it can enjoy its time off in luxury! By luxury, we mean even using an old dogs kennel to keep your little buddy out of the weather. Just make sure it won’t get stuck!

Robotic lawnmower Housing

Also, right before creating or buying a robotic lawn mower residence, make sure it’s suitable for your machine. Not all robot lawnmowers can have kennel style housing due to the way they return on demand. If your equipment follows the perimeter wire to return home, you will probably want to invest in a cover type housing.

These are usually sold as an extra with your robot mower model.

We hope this helps!

Happy Mowing!

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