Robot Mower: Worx Landroid L, Unboxing and Install // Beauty And The Yard

WORX Mower:
Today I unbox and install my new Worx Landroid Model L robot mower. This new yard tool will help us save time and effort. The robot mower is battery operated and follows a guide wire to navigate its course. It mows daily so it only shaves off a small portion of new growth, thus eliminating the collection of grass clippings.

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She loves Beauty. He loves the Yard. We are documenting our 7 Acre Yard & all the beautiful projects along the way.

Timestamp 00:00
Unboxing 01:20
Anto Collision System 03:23
Radio Link WIFI Boost 06:37
Mow and Prep Area 08:50
Install Home Base 09:06
Install Guide Wire 10:28
Program Mower 18:36
Mower Starting 20:17
Mowing the Pool Yard 22:21

MUSIC: Epidemic Sound

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11 thoughts on “Robot Mower: Worx Landroid L, Unboxing and Install // Beauty And The Yard”

  1. Thanks for the video. I am getting ready to order the 2023 version of the Landroid L with the accessories that you got plus the off limits. I want the off limits mainly for it's short cut function as I will have over 800 feet of boundary wire for it to follow when returning home. With the short cut I can cut that in half.

  2. Great video. I have one on the way, we have a pool being built right now. I can’t wait. Can you set up two different zones? Maybe even two different docking stations? Also it looks like you have a section of non grass between. Does it cut both sections? Will it go over to the other section and get it all? So many questions!

  3. Jason, that should save you some work if it mows the whole lawn..I would sure like to have one of those for my husband…Mowing lawns is a neverending job…but it is a pleasure to look at the lawn when they are well kept..good job with the wiring…Loretta

  4. Such a great Tool Beauty & The Yard! A man and his robot. It kind of took off on you, it was ready to trim 😂. I do think this is a really cool tool for helping maintain the yard. Amazing Demo Jason! Thank you, Beauty and The Yard! 🌱

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