1 thought on “Robotic lawnmower Battery Repair. lifePo4 / Li-Ion cell swap Diy. Cell recycle, Robomow”

  1. Thank you! Very useful video.
    Would be nice if you show also cells models/capacity.
    I have RS622 which has 5Ah battery from stock, meaning it has 2.5Ah LFP 2P8S cells, but as I see it is almost impossible to find 2.5Ah cells for replacement. Available only cells with less than 2Ah or more than 3Ah. But it is not good to mix different capacity cell as they will "run away". So most probably I will replace all cells.
    Found good feedback using 32700 7Ah cell instead of those paralleled 26650. Most probably it will not fit into battery protection metal case, but it is not a big issue. However in my case RS622 allows to discharge battery on 4Ah only, and making battery more than 5Ah not efficient as this capacity not being used at all, the only benefit longer cells live because DoD will be not more than 60%.

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