Roof Top Patio Area Mowed By Husqvarna Automower (450X Automower Roof Top Install)

This is a Husqvarna 450X installed on the roof of a parking garage at an apartment building near Philadelphia, PA. This mower was installed in this area because it eliminates the need to drag a push mower up the stairs or elevator and down the hallway to be able to mow this grass. But even though this looks like a small area and the mower would have no issues handling it, there are some unseen issues that come in to play when installing an Automower on a rooftop. In this installation there was a large area where the mower would loose loop signal and give a no loop signal error because of the interference from the rebar, utilities, and other signal disrupting items running under the soil. This mower was originally installed using the green Husqvarna wire which ended up having corrosion issues due to the poor insulation on it and the fact that this soil stays fairly wet by design to help keep the grass nice and green. We installed new Husqvarna black HD wire and after installing it we had to experiment quite a bit to be able to get full coverage of this area with this mower and not have it continuously die out due to no loop signal errors from interference. But as you can see we got it back up and running and covering the entire area. If you are interested in an Automower for your small courtyard or patio area then be sure to reach out to us as we have several types of Husqvarna robot mowers to choose from and we can help you pick the right one for your project.

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Husqvarna Automower 450X

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