Secondary Area: What is this setting for and when should you use it?

The option to use your Automower in a secondary area is a great benefit to have in some types of working areas. What’s a secondary area you ask? A secondary area is any part of the mower’s working area that the mower can not travel to on it’s own from the charging station or from that area back to the charging station on its own. In this video we show you some examples of what a secondary is and why it can be a good option for parts of your mower’s working area.

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Husqvarna Automower Secondary Area

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3 thoughts on “Secondary Area: What is this setting for and when should you use it?”

  1. Thanks. Good info.
    I was wondering if o could do that with my 430xh. It was supposed to come with free install and tutorial but the contractor wanted to charge after I told them husqvarna told them to call me then hisqvarna wouldn’t do anything about it. So I installed it myself and learned how to use it better with your videos.

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