Segway Navimow Release

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6 thoughts on “Segway Navimow Release”

  1. Slopes up to 45%…. Well, not at all impressive. If you have said 75% then this would be a game changer. I don't know what's the issue with the most robots which doesn't can take a little bit more challenging hill. What a pity. The other options sound promising but the price on the other side sound to be huge.

  2. Thank you some really nice features and it nearly meets my aspirations; I really need an AWD version of the Navimow for 70% slopes with fixed blades to handle leaf fall. Some questions:

    1. I have a large lawn surrounding a tall building. I can probably remote the GNSS antenna to the top, some 13m elevated, but if the mower is working close in to the property walls it will be shaded from a LOS signal. What happens when it loses the GNSS link? Does it stop or continue for a distance until it regains the signal?

    2. Can you have multiple GNSS antennas to cover dead zones?

    3. I have a granite chipping (13mm) drive separating lawns, so does the Navimow suspend cutting whilst traversing through a channel?

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