Somalia | Fundamental change in governance needed to achieve peace: Prof Abdi Ismail Samatar

Al Shabaab militants attacked two Somali National Army bases at the weekend. Casualties on both sides were reported but the Somali national army says it is in control of the bases. The militants attacked the bases south west of the capital, Mogadishu with residents saying they heard two explosions after morning prayers, and then a third blast targeting reinforcements. The militant group, Al-Shabaab said it had carried out a suicide attack at one base while at the same time attacking the other base with a car bomb. Militants from al Shabaab, which is linked to al-Qaeda, have waged years of attacks and levied tolls on trade in a campaign to introduce strict religious law. Senior Research Fellow University of Pretoria, Prof Abdi Ismail Samatar told SABC News the government in Mogadishu has to have a fundamental change in its approach to running the country if peace is to be achieved.

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7 thoughts on “Somalia | Fundamental change in governance needed to achieve peace: Prof Abdi Ismail Samatar”

  1. Samatar is not much sincere in his articulation, too much into opposition and pursuit of political seat, prolific critique of the regime with even to some extent total disregard of where they actually deserve credit….it is so sad that a person of his calibre to frightenedly biased in regard such national crisis while taking side.

  2. The professor is right on and has been one of the few positive forces for Somalia. This is even more relevant today that the President sought two more years to do a work that he never truly started. I support one man, one vote, but the constitution, justice system, pacifying the country, and the justice to enforce the rule of law across the board are all tenets that are missing in Somalia, which President Farmajo promised to work on for his first term. Term extension is the result of a lack of those essential and yet critical functions of a country, as the checks and balances are absent. I worry that it is going to lead to further distraction. But if President Farmajo thinks he can sustain such an authoritarian mission and softly land us with peace, order, and a fair election, then that desired outcome will vindicate him into A TRUE NATIONAL HERO( sounds delusional to think in such terms). Unfortunately, we never saw him campaign for such intentionality recently. To the extent that I may have opposed or defended Farmajo, I expressed my views on issues and specific actions and where I felt he is more of the same old guards that intend to dominate others with no real plan for actions or results. This bears a risk of repeating the conditions with which the late former President Barre, Allah yarxamahu, has left the country, unable to sustain his creation of some power hunger vicious Somalis and with no direction other than savagery with which each side tried to dominate the other. “Somali politicians” and their supporters have a way to tolerate a wrong act when their supposed side is doing it while passionately opposing it when the perceived others on the other side employ the same tactic and strategies to achieve the same results. People are not receptive to each other grievances/differences and are in a vicious cycle of wrestling that they must win, all the while oblivious to the PEACE and social services that should be delivered to our poor people. Ramadan Kareem. And May Allah guides us all.

  3. Farmaajo is the best leader until now. The opposition of wich this abdi samatar is from is against a normal strong government. Its people like him who don’t want a stable Somalia. Only talking negative and dismissing the progress because they are focused on clan. No more clanfederalism but a strong and united Somalia. Guul Somaliweyn ❤️🇸🇴❤️🇸🇴

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