Spending the Summer With Miimo (Robotic Lawn Mower Review)

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32 thoughts on “Spending the Summer With Miimo (Robotic Lawn Mower Review)”

  1. I still don't really get why the wire was placed so far in from the edge. You would still edge with the whipper snipper, but you wouldn't need to cut the vertical growth. Then your weekly chore would be 10 min instead, and you'd avoid the 2 height look esp towards Thurs Fri before trimming.
    One advantage you mainly skipped over is that regular trimming and self mulching is so much healthier both from a lack of fertiliser and also from reduced stress on the grass vs an infrequent mow when it is longer.
    Finally, I saw a setting on the screen about multiple start locations. Is that for different yards? Would that work (tho it wouldn't be able to return and self-charge)? Or is it for a single but larger yard using the same wire or something? Would love more info on that.
    Thanks 🙂

  2. I think that lawn robot looks stupid. Also it's not that hard to open and close gate. For the memo to go from the front yard to the back yard. I wouldn't spend another $1,000 to have another memo lawn robot in the back yard.

  3. If the "cost of using" something was limited to energy consumption (10:38) there would be a lot of Ferraris and Lambos in every driveway. You need to account for upfront cost spread (depreciated) over useful life, plus spare parts and maintenance costs. How much are the batteries to replace after a couple of years, the blades, and how many years is Miimo going to to last? It's unlikely to be "very similar in cost" (11:25) to conventional mower. Also, who picks up gas as a special trip to a store and not as a regular stop over to fill up a car?

  4. How efficient did you find the cutting? Did it manage to hit every sq-ft of lawn at least every 2nd mowing. Is there any kind of tracking app that shows where it mowed like some of the rumbas? Could the mower travel over the concrete if it was level with the grass?

  5. Wow I love tech, but I just can’t justify this. I would need two for my half acre cause I have a fence between the front and back yards that I use for my dog, so at $5000+ it would take 5 years of maintenance free, headache free, worry free miimo to even come close to my professional mowers who mow, trim and blow every week for $25 bucks.

  6. One thing that I like lines that you get when you actually mow, that and the fact that when you mow and bag, you pick up most of your leaves. I don't see that happening with Miimo. Can you do any setting on the Miimo to get any kind of lines on the yard?

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