Spot meets Trifo Lucy Ultra | Introducing Trifo Lucy Ultra Edition Robot Vacuum

Buy at – Cleaning will be easy with Trifo Lucy Ultra edition. This human-in dog outfit, Spot, shows his encounter with Trifo Lucy Ultra, a premium robot vacuum, and learns how Lucy Ultra can avoid his “little accidents” while doing other cool things. Not to mention, the Trifo Lucy Ultra Edition robot vacuum is designed for all pet owners and any household!

Features in Trifo Lucy Ultra:
1. Tested in real environment – Poop Avoider
2. Powerful suction power of 4000Pa*
3. Mopping and vacuum duo
4. Portable air freshener and laser pointer
5. Precise ToF sensors and 1080P HDR camera
6. Home protection and pet camera
7. Smart motion detector alerts

Vacuums are nice, but robot vacuums are nicer. With the Trifo Lucy Ultra robot vacuum, you can go on vacation worry-free with motion alerts, come home to a cleaner floor with 4000Pa powerful suction, and infuse your home with a nice fragrance.

Disclaimer: Trifo Lucy Ultra is compared to other robot vacuums that have 1080P Full HD camera, Time-of-Flight sensor, motion detection alerts, mopping features, and a laser pointer with air freshener.

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