Stanley Black & Decker CEO Drops Bombshell!

Stanley Black & Decker CEO Drops Bombshell! Jim Loree states in the latest Forbes article that the reason they bought MTD was to covert their OPE line to electric “We always had a game plan in place to electrify the outdoor market. Now we’ll have a $3 billion platform of mostly gas-powered that we can convert to electric over the next five years.”

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43 thoughts on “Stanley Black & Decker CEO Drops Bombshell!”

  1. As someone who works in lawn equipment repair, this has been on the horizons for years now. It just recently started really picking up with the larger brands; Toro, Husqvarna, CubCadet… releasing electric lines.

  2. Electricity’s is generated using fossil fuel power plants. Either way we are not EVER going to do away with a reliable, all weather fuel. Try using battery powered anything in frigid cold temperatures. It doesn’t work. And extreme heat, like the southern USA, just depleted and shuts down electric equipment. Leave your iPhone out in the sun for ten minutes, it goes into thermal overload and shuts down.

  3. I mean, its not just affluent neighborhoods. Everyone has been working from home for more than a year now. Everyone has noticed that lawns are cut on random days by random companies so that means your entire street ALWAYS has a gas powered leaf blower or a lawn mower or edger. Its annoying as hell. One neighbor has his cut on Monday, the other on Tuesday. Mine's on Wednesday, across the street are Thursday and Fridays.

  4. As a small engine mechanic, I can tell you first hand that MTD makes some of the worst gas equipment on the planet.

    For commercial use, there is no replacing gas equipment. There is no time to worry about batteries in the commercial world.

  5. leaf blowers are much louder than electric, but my neighbor just got an electric riding mower and it is not any quieter than gas. The loud sounds from a riding mower with multiple bales comes from the blades not the motor

  6. hydrofgen fuel is the way to go butt the politicians have not figured out a way to tax it yea power cheap right know until they rip out all the damns and more power consumption is needed.

  7. Never let a good man made disaster go to waste! China kept productions going while the rest shut down. This is why so many materials were made to be illegal to obtain from natural sources and processed into products except in China. You now are contributing to thw New World Order plans. It has far less to do with supply/demand selections than availability. Dumping this chnnl.

  8. For the majority of homeowners that need lawn and garden tools, electric does seem to make sense. For large scale and professional use, it is difficult to say that electric will take over. I have spent time on a ranch where I was tasked with cutting up firewood from fallen trees. Beyond the fact that there are no long blade electric saws as of yet, I can't imagine carrying around enough batteries for a full day of chainsaw operation. I can imagine that lawn care companies would have the same issue with trying to go 100% electric, The storage of extra batteries would be immense.

  9. I do this work, and the only way gas would ever replace electric for commercial use is if it were made waterproof, no way anyone using this commercially would be able to wait around for it to stop raining to get a job done, I had to add after continuing with the video, dewalt just made 2 commercial riding mowers, that are gas powered?

  10. I wonder if there will be enough raw materials or energy production to support almost everything going electric. Plus current batteries don't have nearly the power density or efficiency as gasoline

  11. Everyone knows replacement batteries cost than the tool.
    Why not run tool on E85?
    Last black & decker item i bought was an iron, it melted down and liquid black goop ruined a pair of suit pants! I never buy tgeir products.
    I buy stihl gas trimmers , i can run their stuff all day and it doesn't melt down.
    I think everyone knows what happens to an elec tesla or any electric car when that mega lithium battery pack has to be replaced ;$

  12. 7hrs on one charge is impressive but when the batteries go, i wouldn't wanna flip the bill. i do use electric on the small stuff but anything more than a drill battery, i'm good. not till the bitter end will i swap my old, antique at this point, john deer. the electric stuff i have feels more toy like to me than anything. i did get a better weedeater, a ryobi, it's pretty good but it's not on the same level that older gas one was on in terms of power before i said screw it. i know you can get the power but it's gonna take more than the 18 or 20v batteries i use in my drills. then they'll charge extra for the higher capacity batteries.. batteries ain't cheap and they do wear out. you'll need a lot if you you do much mowing. i'll just be a slow adopter lol.

  13. Yes, I have changed over to Battery too. I like my Greenworks String trimmer and blower they were my second battery tools. My only dislike is my Craftsman dual blade 20inch path mower(made my Greenworks as the batts swap) doesn't seems to pick up leaves and debris as I mow very well at all unlike my old Gas mower. I have to mow over it more than once, or mow backwards or rake after mowing. My gas mower did suck up everything compared to my cordless. Granted I know my mower is from 2014 and seven years old and things have most likely advanced.

  14. not surprising a tool company wants to convert from gas to electric. the electrics are probably more profitable and manufacturers would love legislation to force users to change equipment instead of replace. the legislation starts with the tree huggers who dont buy this equipment but want others to pay the added cost.

  15. I'm open to the idea of electric, however my biggest concerns are as follows:
    1) run time – how big of a yard do I have, and can it make it through the whole yard without having to swap batteries?
    2) repairability – how easily can I repair it if something goes wrong? Gas is usually fairly simple. I'm a supporter of the right to repair movement, and I hate the idea of the create, use, dispose market that has been developing in tech.
    3) cost – what is this thing gonna cost me in the end, and how long is it really gonna last?

  16. I picked up a Ryobi electric lawn mower. I have a double lot to mow and now that I’ve experimented on taking better lines to mow, one 40 volt battery does the job. Unless I’m forced to let it go for a long time to mow because of circumstances.
    Now, my lot is mostly surrounded by woods with some aggressive vine constantly trying to root in my lawn. There is not an electric trimmer out there that can handle this. Period. With batteries, a unit capable of handling the need would need a crane to hold it up. No, gas won’t go away completely.

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