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At STIHL, we have a comprehensive range of hatchets and axes. You’ll need to consider the tasks you’re working on and the size of the wood you are splitting to help you decide which type of axe or hatchet you need. Whilst our STIHL axes can be used for removing branches and felling trees, in this video we’re going to focus on the tools that will give you the best results on 2 key tasks; splitting wood for kindling, and splitting larger logs for firewood.

For kindling and lighter to mid-sized firewood up to 30 centimetres long and 30 centimetres in diameter, a good starting point are STIHL hatchets or forestry axes. The smaller hatchets are lightweight at around 0.6 kilograms and great for kindling. As the wood you’re processing gets larger, the task will become easier with one of our STIHL forestry axes, which are longer and heavier, starting at 1 kilogram for our classic design, or 1.6 kilograms for the longer reinforced polyamide handle version.

To make the task easier, when chopping larger logs, a cleaving axe has a much heavier weight and does the hard work for you. These are best suited to mid-sized and larger logs up to 35 centimetres long and 50 centimetres in diameter. The STIHL cleaving axe has a much heavier weight of 2.8 kilograms and a wedge-shaped head to make it much easier to split the wood.

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