STIHL iMow Recall, Fix, and First Mowing of the Year

STIHL issued a recall for some of their iMow robotic mower docking stations due to fire hazard. Here I show how to remove/reinstall the docking station module and reprogram the mower so it can get back to what it does best — mow your grass!

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2 thoughts on “STIHL iMow Recall, Fix, and First Mowing of the Year”

  1. I was given a Stihl RMI 422 P that is a few years older and is pre the current cell phone App models. I really like it on my Bermuda lawn here in Phoenix however it only cuts as low as .80". I added a couple of washers under the carrier plate and that has helped lower the high of cut to around 0.75" however I wish I could lower even more to say half inch. Thanks for the video. Marc

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