1 thought on “STIHL iMow RMI 632PC”

  1. I have been using the imow 632 pc for three years now. According to Stihl, the product is suitable for lawns up to 5000 m2. Practice has shown that with strong grass growth, the robot cannot cope with an area of ​​1300 m2. The operating costs are expensive, because the entire blade has to be replaced every 200 hours of work. Return to base occurs at 26% of the battery. It takes about 15 minutes, because mower rarely returns to the base by choosing the shortest route. Mostly, it chooses to return in the direction that farther than the opposite one. The mower is very loud. Cannot handle wet grass. It gets clogged up and blocked easily even with short dog hair. I have to clean it practically every day. The wheels block up even on small unevenness or pit in the lawn. The worst part is that in three years mower has spent a little less time on the service bench than on the lawn. I would never buy it again or recommend to anyone.

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